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    “Winning or losing a cricket game is not about how you select those 11 players- It is all about how those all 11 players will perform on the field. “

    Fantasy premier league is an online cricket game where you can create a virtual team by selecting Live cricket team players. The points you scored totally depend on how your selected players will perform in real matches. To win the game you must achieve the highest rank and maximum points on the leaderboard.

    What is the League 11 Application?

    League11  is one of the biggest sports games in India that offers fantasy cricket leagues to all cricket lovers. One can create a team of his choice and join the live cricket leagues. The winning of cricket league depends on how players of your team will perform on the cricket field in Live matches. So let’s get ready with League11 App and play, enjoy and earncash on each winning. 

    Who can play on League 11?

    Fantasy cricket league is for those who have sound knowledge about cricket players and their performance. Anyone from India can play on League11 by following the simple & easy registration process.

    How to play on League 11? 

    (I) Select match: To play fantasy premier league first you will have to select a match. From the match schedule list, you can select any cricket match of your interest which is shown in that list.

    (II) Create your team: After selecting the match the second step you should go for is to create your team. In this section, you should have a sound knowledge of cricket players. To create a team there are some rules & regulation that must be followed while creating a team.

    Here are some steps, just follow them & create your own wonderful team:

    Step 1: You have a limit of 100 credit points and each player you select has his own price list. So it is up to you that how you can use your skills to select all 11 players within the budget of 100 credit points.

    Step 2: This rule shows how you can select players for your own team.

    (a) 1 Wicketkeeper

    (b) 3-5 Batsmen

    (c) 1-3 all-rounder

    (d) 3-5 Bowlers

    Step 3: Select the captain and vice-captain of your team. See team preview & save your team.

    Join leagues: When you have done with team creation process the next and important step is to join contest you can join free or cash contest. One thing you must follow is to join the contest before the deadline.

    Follow Live match: Keep eye on real live matches and enjoy the match of both one of a real team and one of your own created virtual team.

    Win prize: Win  cash on each winning. To be a winner you must score maximum points and higher rank on leader board. 

    Why League 11?

    League11 has an attractive and user-friendly GUI. One can easily withdrawal his/her in just a minute by following some quick steps.